my games

A sublime world abandoned by dead gods

Dead Reign / dött herravälde

This was my first major release. A sublime and melancholy campaign world for the swedish RPG Mörk Borg. It’s dark in a way seldom seen in fantasy and RPGs, where sorrow permeates a world filled with abandoned people and haunted ruins. Strange NPCs wander a world once shining that is ready to explore!

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A game about creating memories

A history of moments

This game is based on the idea that you can play out a characters background story instead of writing it. Two players go back and forth – one playing a character, the other providing tension and pushback. It’s quick, provides prompts for inspiration and lets you inhabit a character before a campaign.

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A game about friendship

A Journey of Memories

This is a game about exploring a friendship by creating its memories. You go on a journey to save your kidnapped friend and along the way find out who they were and what your relationship was.

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Smaller stuff

Forged in the dark

stuff I’ve made for Blades in the Dark and it’s adjacent FitD friends.

The Drivers Playbook – Rushing adrenaline courses through your veins. Subtlety is for suckers and coin just gets you through the day. In a city of scoundrels, even the criminals think you’re a nuisance! Well, fuck ‘em all!

The Archivist Playbook – Among ancient tomes with frayed pages you can find the most alluring secrets hidden away, provided you can find your way in the darkness of the archives. Those that do are the Archivists.

Game Jams

stuff I’ve made for gamejams, mostly on

Heroes on A Boat – You play the heroes who failed to stop the apocalypse. An adventure game about dealing with failure and moving on. Made for the Wish you Were Here Jam in 2021.

Mörk Jul – A slasher film adventure for Mörk Borg adapted from the movie Black Christmas. Fight back by finding household items and revealing the killers secret. Made for the Slasher Jam 2021.