Dead Reign / Dött Herravälde

Ash falls upon a dying world, abandoned by dead gods. You wake alone, forsaken, and wander a place once familiar. A perilous and ruinous world lies ahead, its shadows hiding twisted enemies and strange friends. Rapture lies beyond, denied to those forsaken, and with sword or foul magic you seek the keys to unlock it. To you, this ashen world was bequethed, this Dead Reign.

Dead Reign is a sublime fantasy setting that lets you into a desolate world filled with abandoned ruins and strange wanderers. It is compatible with the award-winning Mörk Borg RPG and easily translated into other OSR systems. Dead Reign is a world of melancholy beauty abandoned by the gods. Ten illustrated locations comes with rich and malleable lore, alongside random tables of exciting NPCs, treasure and more.

Dead Reign is a campaign setting for the Mörk Borg RPG. It was released in April 2022 and is my first bigger product release. It contains 10 locations, each with two random tables for those locations.

It’s a bleak, strangely melancholy world that draws inspiration from the kind of sublime landscapes I love. Places like the Hebridees in Scotland, the Faroe Islands, the Fjäll of northern Sweden and Norway, and Svalbard in the arctic. I wanted to convey the kind of pleasent desolation these places fill me with and mix it with strange fantasy worldbuilding.

The book is avaible in English at and DriveThruRPG

and Swedish at and DriveThruRPG